How do I set up a Done-For-You Resource for selling?

To set up a Done-For-You Resource for selling, you'll need a way to sell digital products. 

  1. A sales page (landing page) where you promote the resource, list what's included, the price, and a Buy Now button. We include a pre-written sales page with every Done-For-You Resource so you can use this as-is or use it as a base to create your own landing page.
  2. A way to collect payment.
  3. A way to email the resource automatically to your customer after purchase.

Once this is all set up, you'll have a completely automated process, allowing you to simply focus on promoting your resource and making sales. Yes, that's right – you'll even be able to make money while you sleep!

Below are some suggestions for how you can set up your Done-For-You Resource ready for selling.  Note: We do not provide support for the tools listed below so if you do need help along the way, please contact the support team of the tool you need help with.

Your Website

If you have a website where you have control over creating pages (such as Weebly, Wix, or WordPress), you could create a page on your website and use this as your landing page to sell the resource. 

Weebly and Wix both allow you to sell digital products (click the links to learn how). If you have a WordPress website, see below.

WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you can install a plugin that allows you to sell digital products on your site and collect payment. 

This guide explains the easiest way to sell downloads on WordPress using the WP Forms Plugin. 

Here are some more plugins for selling digital products also.

Simple Goods 

A simple checkout and file delivery tool for selling digital products online. You can add a popup checkout to any website in minutes. If you don't have a website, simply use their hosted payment pages. Learn more about Simple Goods.


SellWire is a tool that allows you to sell your digital products online – you simply upload the resource file and share the link. They take care of the rest!


If you use Mailchimp for email marketing, they offer a free Landing Page Builder – you can set this up to sell digital products by connecting to Square (learn more here).


If you use GetResponse for email marketing, click here to learn how to sell digital products


If you use AWeber for email marketing, click here to learn how to sell digital products.


If you use ConvertKit for email marketing, their Commerce feature allows you to sell digital products and send the resource to your customer automatically via email.

Landing Page Builder

You can use a Landing Page Builder to build your own landing page, like Leadpages. Landing Page Builders are often paid tools so bear that in mind. When choosing a Landing Page Builder, you'll want one that has a built-in function to collect payment.

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