Where can I sell a Done-For-You Resource?

When you purchase one of our Done-For-You Resources, you can then resell the resource to your customers for personal use.

There are many avenues you can use to promote and sell the resource, such as:

  • Add a banner to your website 
  • Create a blog post that relates to the topic of the resource and promote the resource (our done-for-you resources come with pre-written articles)
  • Promote the resource on your social media pages
  • In your email marketing
  • Add a poster in your practice or clinic
  • Upsell the resource on your initial consultations
  • If you purchase an eBook resource, you could have the eBook printed and display these in your practice or clinic

Remember: Done-For-You Resources CANNOT be given away for free, or offered as a free opt-in.

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