Should I recycle my posts on social?

Re-using previously downloaded bundles of social media images to recycle content on social is great practice.

Not everyone is going to see your content the first time it's posted. The vast majority of your followers are likely reading your content in their feed each day. So if you post content at 9 am and some of your followers aren't checking their feeds until after work at 6 or 7 pm, chances are they aren't going to see what you posted. It's very easy for your posts to get lost, so recycling content is the way to go. 

Also, a lot of the content you post is still going to be relevant months after you previously posted it. But if you're not recycling that content, the chances of your new followers seeing it are slim to none. So even if you're reposting content that's, say 6 months old, your new followers will be seeing it for the first time and getting value out of it.

How to Automatically Recycle Your Posts on Social

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